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Stephanie Radcliffe

Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher
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Stephanie Radcliffe is a compassionate yoga and mindfulness teacher, oncology specialized registered nurse, mother, nature lover and forever student. 


What Folks Are Saying...

I know Stephanie in two different roles:
1) As a yoga instructor: She is known for having very fun and dynamic practices. Her open and loving personality makes you come to her next classes. I was amazed how she incorporates not only the asanas (poses) but also breathing, meditation and aromatherapy into her classes.
2) As my yoga mentor: She helped me to feel comfortable teaching, practicing very clear instructions. She guided me on the technique but more than that - she spread her energy, positively and empathy to connect with my fellow yogis.
Joining one of her classes or workshops should be a must-do. I highly recommend them, you will not regret it!


My husband and I attended Stephanie’s Yoga class at the gym for more than 2 years. We still would today if the coronavirus didn’t exist. Every week we eagerly awaited to participate in her class. I have been practicing yoga for many years under many instructors and she is one of the best. She is very knowledgeable of the different poses and moves around the class to explain poses so everyone can see her. She never pushes anyone and gives modifications by providing blocks and straps. Stephanie is knowledgeable, compassionate and very kind. I will be happy to learn from her anytime.


Stephanie’s mindfulness and self-compassion nursing inservice was exactly what we all needed to start our day, it totally centered all participants. Feedback from nursing staff was so well received. They appreciated the honesty of acknowledging that there are a lot of stressors around us everyday and that sometimes we just need to pause.
This is Stephanie’s “calling” as well as being an exceptional nurse. Stanford is lucky to have such an engaged RN who approaches nursing from a different perspective, and really understands the importance of taking care of the “you” before the “us.”


I met Stephanie a little over two years ago when she was teaching a yoga class and she has greatly impacted my life. Stephanie is one of those people who leaves you feeling refreshed after a class, and uplifted for days after. She is kind, empathetic, honest, and intentional. Her classes have strengthened me both physically and spiritually. If you are looking for a safe space to be your true and authentic self, Stephanie will guide you there. 


I still remember my first yoga class with Stepanie over a year and a half ago, and I remember feeling content and grateful to be a part of the class. Stephanie’s guidance with her teachings allows me to stay grounded and connected spiritually. Not just with yoga asanas, her classes have helped me with my mental well-being as well. She definitely is an embodiment of positive energy, and that energy is invigorating. I am truly blessed to be part of her practice each week.



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