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Stephanie Radcliffe is a compassionate yoga and mindfulness teacher, oncology specialized registered nurse, mother, nature lover and forever student. She has a deep enthusiasm for self-discovery, inner growth and becoming more intimate with the human experience through contemplative practices. Embarking on her first silent meditation retreat 20 years ago, and now a certified mindfulness teacher through the Mindfulness Training Institute , she is passionate about sharing these life changing practices with others. Meditation and compassion practices have been deeply healing, navigating the stress of taking care of people suffering from cancer and as a mother to a neurodiverse child.


Stephanie readily leads nursing in-services on mindfulness and compassion, empowering nurses to see themselves as equally deserving of the kind caring attention they so graciously give to others. Teaching yoga since 2016, Stephanie focuses on a deep embodied accepting awareness towards the practice. She encourages students to develop a warmth towards themselves, emphasizing breath awareness, inner presence, curiosity, and acceptance of each new moment on the mat.

Stephanie’s absolute favorite place to be is in the student seat, growing, learning, and connecting with other humans. Her two children are her greatest teachers, illuminating areas of growth and offering endless moments to lean into presence and connection. Stephanie discovers deep peace, presence and joy while immersed in Mother Nature reconnecting to what is most precious in life. She is forever grateful to all the wisdom of her beloved teachers. 

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