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This 6-week introductory training in mindfulness course is an opportunity to learn the foundations of mindfulness in a safe, fun, nurturing environment. In each session, we will explore the teachings together through guided meditation, mindfulness talks, open dialogue, and discussion. The invitation is to learn practical ways to integrate mindfulness into all areas of your life and begin to see benefits in communication, relationships, work, and daily activities. Compassion will be the common thread throughout the course as we learn to meet each moment with more presence, kindness, curiosity, and acceptance. The teachings will be offered in a secular, light-hearted approach as we explore the nature of human experience together. Regardless of experience or background, you are welcome in this class. 

                                                                                  6 Week Overview

Each week we will explore how mindfulness can help with key areas of your life to develop greater focus, cultivate an embodied attention, work with strong reactive emotions, navigate thoughts and obstacles in meditation, but most of ALL how to hold every experience with kindness and care. 

Week 1: Overview of Mindfulness
Week 2: Mindfulness of the body
Week 3: Mindfulness of reactivity and common obstacles
Week 4: Mindfulness of thought
Week 5: Mindfulness of emotion
Week 6: Loving kindness and taking the practice home.

6wk Introductory Training In Mindfulness

September 21st - October 26th

Tuesday's 6-8pm PST

Virtually on Zoom: Recordings Available

Sliding Scale: $99-160
Please pay what you can reasonably afford. No one turned away due to lack of funds.  Register below. 

6 Live Calls on Tuesday's, beginning September 21st. Recordings available for those unable to attend the live calls

Registration Closed

Let's walk the path together into a more present embodied LIFE!

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Meditation practice isn't trying to throw ourselves away to become something better. It's about befriending who we are already.

Pema Chodron

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